Press Clipping
Music Based on World Dance Traditions

Explore music based on rhythms and dance traditions from the near east and southeastern Europe, from Paraguay and Brazil, from the Basque region of Spain, from the Celtic and French-Canadian traditions, and much more on this New Sounds. Listen to jubiliant trikitixa music - the "devil's music" which supposedly “induced indecent behavior among people, especially young people” - from Spain's Basque region in stomping trikitixa (accordion) & panderoa (tambourine) dance music by Kepa Junkera & vocal group Sorginak. Hear an ostensibly Greek band, Imam Baildi, uses Brazilian rhythms and funk breakdowns on their tune, “Pou Gyrizis.” Also, a Balkan-Klezmer feel incites dancing in music from New York-based Tipsy Oxcart. Then, the heart of Italy’s taranta music connects with the desert blues of West Africa on Ludovico Einaudi’s latest “The Taranta Project.” Plus, hear music with ties to Paraguay from Argentinian producer Chancha via Circuito, French-Canadian music from Le Vent du Nord, and music from the Greek, Turkish, Balkan and Roma-influenced group Ameranouche.